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Thanks for browsing! All of our antler packages are created based on the size of your dog. Please click on a package to see examples of the breed size.


We are proud of the fact that we don't use any packaging that turns into unnecessary waste. You won't find any of your antlers wrapped up when you receive them. 

Please feel free to reach out if you have questions before you purchase. We will get back to you within 24hrs. You can also check the FAQ's page here for more info before you purchase.

As with any and all chew toys, please be sure to keep an eye on your dog as they chew antlers. Make sure the antler chew is large enough so that there is no possibility that your dog could choke on it. We advise you to give your dog a bigger piece then necessary but not a smaller one. It is also advised to regularly check your antler chew over for any sharp edges. When you purchase your antler, it will be fully sanded and all sharp edges will have been ground off, however if your dog has chewed a sharp or pointed edge, you can remove it by rubbing the sharp edge against concrete or sandpaper. When you intitially give your dog their antler, you should limit your dog to chewing no more than ½ to 1 inch of the antler per day at first. Because the antlers contain rich protein, large amounts ingested all at once can cause a upset stomach. If this happens, know that it is normal and you just need to limit their time with the antler in the future. Most dogs are not this sensative. 

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