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Throughout the Mountain West, wild elk graze the native grasses. Every spring they shed their majestic antlers to begin the process of regrowing from velvet to fully mature, strong, nutrient rich antlers that they will shed again the following year.

Old West Antlers gathers these antlers from the mountains to provide you with the finest premium grade A+ dog chews for your canine companion. We guarantee the healthiest chews that will benefit not only your dog's entertainment but also their teeth and gums, bones, coat and overall health.

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For centuries, humans have known about and used elk antler as a dietary supplement. Deer, elk, and moose antlers have recently become a very popular alternative to rawhide chews for dogs. Every year, male elk naturally grow and shed their antlers in their natural habitat. Antlers start out as layers of cartilage and slowly mineralize into bone and can grow up to an 1" per day. As they become large and the velvet begins to grow, the blood flow lessens and they become bone. Every year, when the antlers reach full growth, the animal naturally sheds them.

     Because of the nutrient rich bone marrow in the antlers, dogs love these cut up pieces of antler. Not only do they provide entertainment for your canine, but they also have a number of other benefits.

  • Supports joint flexibility and mobility

  • Supports positive kidney and liver function

  • Enhances energy levels

  • Aids normal muscle recovery after exercise

  • Supports a healthy immune system

  • Supports the body's normal inflammation response

  • Aids normal red blood cell production and circulation

  • Enhance ability to cope with stress – physical, emotional and chemical


100% natural, North American elk antlers are ideal for puppies, aggressive chewers, and large and small dogs alike because they last extremely long and won't splinter or chip. Owners of dogs with allergies also swear by them.

ALL antlers distributed by Old West Antlers are Grade A+  which means they have not been exposed to the elements for longer than a year. Non-allergenic, odor-free antlers have a delicious flavor dogs cannot resist. Bone-hard texture helps clean teeth, massage gums, and exercise jaws as your dog chews. A natural source of collagen, calcium, phosphorous, and other nutrients and there are no dyes or preservatives. .

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